Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Imagenia is a Mexican company with offices in Quintana Roo and Jalisco, dedicated to the design and manufacture of Children's Games and Furniture in Plastimadera, material developed as a substitute for natural wood made with Recycled Plastic.

The characteristics of our material, allows us to manufacture a wide variety of ecological items ideal for outdoor use and thus provide a wide market sector such as: hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, residential developments, schools, public parks, sports clubs and shopping centers among others.

- 100% Eco-friendly
- Recycled and recyclable
- Appearance wood
- More durable and resistant than wood
- It does not rot
- Do not splinter
- Does not absorb moisture
- Anti graffiti, does not adhere paintings or glues
- Built-in color
- Does not require paints or varnishes
- Variety of colors
- Minimal maintenance

We reintroduced the post consumer plastic that was previously considered as trash transforming it into more durable and resistant products than the wood, directly impacting the reduction of the deforestation

Contact information
Calle 84 Mza 434 Lt 20
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
Tel: 9841481319-9841136355
Tel: 9841481319-9841136355
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